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Author of the book Free for All to Freedom, co-producer/consultant

Frank was the architect of the escape plan and one of the leaders of the young boxers who diverted the plane to the West in 1956. He came to America and lived the American Dream as a public speaker, publisher, private eye and martial arts instructor. He is known for his outspoken opposition to Communism and his penchant for Porsches of which he owned 3 over the years. He teaches yoga in San Diego with his wife Serpil, and they created the non-profit Silverage Yoga organization dedicated to seniors.



A native of Hungary, Endre studied directing at the National Academy of Theatre and Film in Budapest and producing at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. After directing at the Hungarian National Theatre, the Biennale de Paris and the Shakespeare World Congress, he moved to Hollywood, where he acted in films and television before he sold his first script and started directing. His films have been seen on every continent, at over 50 festivals, and received a number of awards. He is the recipient of two Golden Eagles, two European Media Awards, as well as a Maverick, an Insight, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.



Vilmos is considered one of the greatest living cinematographers with close to a hundred features to his credit, among them such classics as Deliverance, McCabe and Mrs. Miller and Blow Out. He received and Academy Award for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and was nominated three more times, for The Deer Hunter, The River and The Black Dahlia. Vilmos was one of the chroniclers of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, along with his lifelong friend Laszlo Kovacs. They smuggled out their film footage to the West in backpacks escaping on foot ahead of the advancing Soviet tanks. This will be his third collaboration with director, Endre Hules.


Executive Producer

Trained at UC Berkley and Stanford University in Business Administration, Engineering, Economic Systems and Computer Science, Ken went on to work for National Semiconductor, Compaq and Bank of America before he started his own company, Intelligence Capital. He has extensive experience teaching, coaching and consulting business enterprises and offered his considerable talents to help raise funds and manage the finances of Freedom Plane Films, LLC the company behind Freedom Flight.


Line Producer

Dennis grew up in a show-business family and worked his way up in the industry. Started out as a prop maker, then went on to be a Second and First Assistant Director on such films as Rambo, Indiana Jones, Evita and Patriot Games. He also managed Raleigh Studios Hungary – which later became Origo Film Studio – one of our future partners. We rely on his vast experience in everything concerning the organization and technology of the production.


Casting Director

Chris is the principal producer of 1066 Productions in London, specializing in biographical films. He is also a prolific writer, actor and casting director. He was Associate producer on Endre Hules’ last film, The Maiden Danced to Death. He is dealing with casting matters and handles affairs in Europe.


Development Executive

Frank is an accomplished photographer, journalist, producer, architect, teacher and musician. He began his career at the age of 16, photographing the Hungarian National Soccer Team. After the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, he escaped to Austria where he attended the Vienna University of Technology. During his 50-year career, Frank has produced and worked for the BBC, the CBC, the Canadian Film Board in Montreal, RTL, MTV, United Artists, Buddha Records, and Sunflower Productions. As a music promoter, Frank has worked with The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Rolling Stones, The Everly Brothers and The Supremes. He was head of the Film and Television Department at the Academy for the Performing Arts in Huntington Beach and taught Russian and Italian film studies at symposiums and at other schools. Many of his former students fill prominent positions in the industry today.



David has over a decade of experience in accounting, finance, human resources and operations. He provides financial management and business development support for independent producers and copyright owners of motion picture intellectual property. David performed talent participation audits at The Walt Disney Company on films and television shows such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Alias, and Enemy of the State. Prior to that, he specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Services at Ernst & Young, LLP in Los Angeles. His clients ranged from bio-pharmaceutical start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. David’s publishing experience included stints as Financial Accounting Manager at BlackBook Media Corp. in New York City and Business Development at Item Magazine in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a film producer, David began by co-producing Lehigh University’s first feature film with filmmaker and childhood friend Sloan Copeland. Their third feature, unREAL, received a Best Feature Film Award at the 2004 Long Island International Film Expo and a Best Director Award at the 2003 Trenton Film Festival.