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Adopted son of a railroad man, he is soon discovered for his talent with numbers and sent to study engineering. However, when he is expelled from the university for “individualistic tendencies,” he decides to pursue his original love: journalism – with disastrous results. The co-arhcitect of the plot and the coach of the boxing team.


A former fighter pilot, who was thrown out of the Air Force for being a “Class Enemy”. The other leader of the plot, the founder of the boxing club and the pilot of the Li2 after the hijacking. Middle Weight boxer.


Kolta’s brand-new wife. She is the daughter of a Communist cooperative president who went against the wishes of the Party. The entire village was punished, and she barely managed to escape. She is on the run from the authorities with her husband.


Son of a prominent judge. A Jew, saved from the Arrow Cross butchers in the nick of time by the advancing Soviet troops. His father, thinking he would keep the Nazis from returning this way, became the lead judge in the show trials, handing out death sentences left and right, telling Kardos that he is doing everything for him. The boy is wrecked with guilt. He must get away. The Light Weight boxer on the team.


Not the sharpest tool in the box, but he is strong like a bull and loyal to a fault to Sebes. A peasant boy whose parents were taken to a camp and tortured during the collectivization, he has a hard time keeping his temper in the presence of “authority.” He is a walking time bomb – the Heavy Weight on the team.


The feather weight boxer and the last member of the team. A Momma’s Boy, desparately trying to find himself. Instead, he finds love in the most unexpected place and time.

Comrade Bajor

A peasant cadre at the factory that sponsors the boxing team. His jovial appearance hides a wolf of a burgeoning capitalist, who works exclusively for himself. He has his own reasons to “embrace” the new team. His patronage comes at a price and will stop the moment he is dissatisfied in any way.

Comrade Vermes

He works for the Man, whoever he may be. When the Nazis were on top, he worked for them, now he accompanies Comrade Bajor to do his bidding – whatever it may be. He is good at beating people.


One of the passengers who gets much more with her plane ticket than she had bargained for.

The Captain

An old school professional. He will do anything to maintain control of the plane and save the passengers. Even negotiate with hijackers – or defy the authorities.

The Agent

The resident AVO (KGB) agent on board and the only person carrying a weapon. He thinks, he had landed on a cushy job...

The Pilot

The Radio Operator

The Other Passengers